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5 outdated misconceptions about building a new home

8 September 2016

If you had the option to live in a warm, dry home with plenty of space and suited to your unique personality and tastes, you’d take it wouldn’t you? Everyone would! But for many, whether it’s their first, second or third home, building new just isn’t in their consideration set.

Whether you believe that a new home is out of your price range, you feel you’d have to sacrifice your desired location, or perhaps you think it will take too long to build a new home…. in this article we dispel some of the outdated perceptions about building new. So be prepared, you may just be thinking again!

Misconception #1 - New builds are more expensive than established homes?

When people think ‘new build’ they tend to think ‘expensive’…but what, many people forget to weigh up is value for money. Considering the current escalating property market, the value for money you can get from building new, compared to an existing 50-year brick and tile house (desperately in need of renovation) is light years apart!

In today’s market, not only is the purchase price of an established home unattainable for many, but add to that the cost of renovations - and having to seriously compromise on living arrangements in between times – and you’ll find the cost-benefit of owning a brand new home by far outweighs an established property in need of some love.

And the beauty of working with the right building company is that you have control of your budget. What you get is what you budget for – so how far you go with all the mod-cons or plan variations is entirely up to you. A good building company will offer you a fixed price guarantee for your home so there will be no nasty surprises come move-in day.

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Misconception #2 – My house will look like everyone else’s

Cookie cutter houses, all in a non-descript row are a major stereotype of sub-division development. But just as much as you don’t want to live in a house that looks like your neighbour’s, many home builders don’t want you to live in one either. Choose a group home builder who aims to design neighbourhoods that reflect the vision of what the community will be as it matures – so as your community grows so does its uniqueness and individuality.

Interesting fact:  Still charmed by rows of cute character villas in the leafy inner-city suburbs? Consider this: villa construction that occurred in most NZ cities and towns at the turn of last century, was by comparison, no different to the development market that is occurring today, with entire blocks built by the same builder, with the same house design.

Misconception #3 – I’ll be restricted by set floor plans & designs

Often people think that building companies only provide a limited selection of floor plans and features. But many group home builders allow you to not only choose from a huge variety of floor plans and features, but to also incorporate some of your own personal touches, such as tapware, lighting etc. The important thing is to decide how much flexibility you want, and then choose the right building partner to work with, as they’re all different. Then work with your builder to agree what you want up front – it’s the variations that occur after the design is signed off that create budget blowouts. With Generation Homes, they walk you through all the design decisions at the beginning so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Misconception #4 – I’ll have to sacrifice location and convenience

Many Kiwis (particularly Aucklanders) perceive that building a new house means moving to the outskirts of town to a remote sub-division with a 6-hour commute to work every day. But trends such as the increasing demand for flexible working arrangements, sustainable living, housing affordability and the desire to create vibrant satellite communities, are starting to turn this stereotype on its head.

And, in many areas throughout New Zealand, including Auckland, changing zoning rules mean that new pockets of land are becoming available within established suburbs – making building new in central locations a real possibility.

It comes down to weighing up what’s important to you and – importantly – thinking long term about how you want to live.


Misconception #5 – A new home takes too long to build and it’s risky

One of the most prevalent worries about building a new home is that it will take too long to be completed, or that it won’t be completed on time resulting in cost blowouts. But when you work with a building company who can offer fixed time frames and budgets, this no longer becomes an issue. Generation Homes for instance, follow a 14-step build process to get their customers into their homes with a fixed price and agreed upon move in date. In addition, they take all the pain out of arranging resource and building consents for you – not to be underestimated as this is one of the key things that creates issues for those new to building without the support of an experienced building partner.

New Zealand’s property market is changing, and more and more Kiwi’s are choosing to build new to get the advantages of affordable, quality homes. We hope this article has helped dispel some of the outdated misconceptions about building new for you, so you can join other Kiwis who are enjoying the benefits of living in warm, dry, stylish homes with all the modern conveniences.

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